[NTG-context] framed texts for boxing stuff

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 00:28:10 CET 2006

On 1/10/06, Maurice Diamantini (dom) wrote:
> Ok, but what I mean is the need of such a documentation on the
> ConTeXt core, not
> reimplementing LaTeX in ConTeXt !

Add to the wiki what you've learned! Hans codes much faster than he
manages to document things, so it's up to the community to keep the
documentation up-to-date ;)

> I saw this source file thanks to the following URL:
>     http://source.contextgarden.net/supp-box.tex
> There is very much interesting macro, but I see some
>     %D \macros
>     %D   {strutdp,strutht,strutwd}
>     %D ...
> Does it mean that an automatic generated documentation is available
> somewhere
> on the web?
> Or is it mondatoryto browse the source for using these command.

that Luigi kept preparing last summer (perhaps gave up afterwards?)

But it's HUUUUGE (I would guess that reading the source is faster even
if you see no picture).

> I'm waiting for the future ConTeXt book ;-)


> PS.
> Also the ConTeXt wiki becomme more and more rich in information!
> Thank you very much for all that

Feel free to become one of those who make the wiki better.


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