[NTG-context] How to break laws in physics?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:45:09 CET 2006


I thought it was because it was too late for learning that Maxwell
equations failed to work:

\definetypeface [maxwell] [mm] [math] [euler] [default]


But apparently it was something else, see math-eul.tex and please fix this:
\definemathcharacter [D]   [nothing] [mr] ["44]

OK, Euler didn't work, so I tried to use Iwona.

\definetypeface [iwona] [mm] [math] [iwona] [default]

${\partial\rho\over\partial t}+\vec{\nabla}\vec{\jmath}=0$

(If I fail on the exam, I'll try to explain to professor that I found
a few mistakes in the Maxwell equations and lost the whole time trying
to fix them before I was able to learn further :)

I've found three "kind-of-bugs" in font itself (\jmath and \imath were
missing, \partial is mirrored, vectors placed strangely - the latter
may not be connected with the font itself).

So I tried to redefine \jmath to use dotlessj from italic version of
font and found another "bug" in ConTeXt. dotlessj is commented out in
enco-ec.tex. Well, I understand that it may not be present in every
font, but it's worse: it's already defined in the default encoding, so
\dotlessj results in double quotes, which is worse than no char at
all. enco-ec has some other faults present, I tried to fix a few of
them ([t|s]cedilla should be [t|s]commaaccent, \Eth and \eth were
commented out, while they are OK, one glyph is present twice, I
redefined it to map to the first slot, since usually the second one is
empty, upper/lower casing may still need some revision).

Is there any chance that any numerical definitions of characters
disappear from enco-def slowly? If anyone is using any other encoding
than the standard one, the characters map to something completely
weird then.

Some fixes for enco-def:

\definecharacter eth              {\dstroke} % wrong but better that nothing
% and replace by:
\definecharacter eth              {\unknownchar}

\definecharacter scommaaccent     {\buildtextbottomcomma s}
\definecharacter Scommaaccent     {\buildtextbottomcomma S}
\definecharacter tcommaaccent     {\buildtextbottomcomma t}
\definecharacter Tcommaaccent     {\buildtextbottomcomma T}

\definecharacter Ohorndotbelow       {\buildtextbottomdot\Ohorn}
\definecharacter ohorndotbelow       {\buildtextbottomdot\ohorn}
\definecharacter Uhorndotbelow       {\buildtextbottomdot\Uhorn}
\definecharacter uhorndotbelow       {\buildtextbottomdot\uhorn}


Any chances to add something like:
\definecharacter bottomcomma {,} % comma, lowered a bit

I have no idea what \textbottomcomma should be, but probably just a
comma, lowered a bit. The current definition with ' is a bit strange.

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