[NTG-context] mode dependend character handling

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Jan 6 15:39:01 CET 2006

Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> (This mail was rejected as spam in my first try, and the reject  message 
> was catched by my spam filter...)

No doubt that's why spam for medication is so popular: you need
the medication to cope with the rest of the spam.

> A happy new year!


> I'd like to typeset a text in both German and Swiss German orthography,
> i.e. I'd like to expand "s (or the like) to ß in German and ss in  Swiss 
> German mode,
> or even better, automagically change ß to ss in Swiss mode.

The correct way would be to define swiss as a language, because
then you can put a suitable redefinition inside the language
specifics, but the following hack will work as well and is a lot
faster to implement (please don't tell anyone I proposed this):

   {\enablemode[swiss] Grüßlis} Grüßlis

Cheers, Taco

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