[NTG-context] present for mojca

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Wed Jan 4 16:34:32 CET 2006


Hans Hagen wrote:
> see attached file for usage
> %D   [       file=m-gnuplot,

This does not work here, the produced .gpd file looks like:
^Mset title "trigonometry"^Mset terminal postscript
set output "gpl-gnuplot-1.ps"
^Mplot sin(x)
^M stands for \r (Carridge, decimal 13, hex 0d, oct 015).

I frankly don't understand why one does not get a \n (linefeed, decimal 
10/0A/012) or a ";\n" for that matter ["\def\par{;\rawcharacter{10}}"].


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