[NTG-context] widgets in layers (property)

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Wed Jan 4 12:47:32 CET 2006

New year, old problem...

Hi all,

I want to use widgets (tooltip, buttons,..) in some stacked pdf layers.
My problem is, that the widgets are somehow not bound to the state of
their layer. They are still active, even if the surrounding layer is

I add a mimimal example (it's best to open the 'Layers' tab in acrobat).
The first layer with tooltip is not active, the second one is active,
but has no tooltip.
Just move the mouse over the text and you can see the tooltip from the
deactivated layer one. I have also tried it with a fieldstack, but
'annotations cannot be inside an XForm'.

Any hints are welcome.


% interface=en output=pdftex
% Time-stamp: <Freitag, 30 Dezember 2005 13:54:11; test.tex>



\defineproperty[layer1][layer][title={one}, state=stop]
\defineproperty[layer2][layer][title={two}, state=start]


  {\tooltip{First Layer with tooltip}{widget of layer one is active}}}
  {Second Layer without tooltip}}


%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: context
%%% TeX-master: ""
%%% End:

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