[NTG-context] float/figure and wrapping text

Randolph Bertin rbertin at wt.net
Wed Jan 4 06:20:12 CET 2006

David Arnold wrote:

> Have you seen this document?
> http://pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/details.pdf
> Look in the section "Fine Tuning Graphics" and see if there is
> anything there that will help.

Yes, I had looked through that document, which is where I found the 
statement (on p. 25):

	When the figure does not fit on the page, a page break is issued.

This, as I mentioned, is a result of \placefigure I would like to get 
around (and, in fact, \placefloat DOES seem to get around, but with the 
drawback of not having text wrapped to the side). While I don't 
understand all the "details" of that manual, (which I am sure will be 
very helpful for me in fine tuning the placement of a graphic relative 
to the surrounding text, if I can overcome my current placement 
difficulty), the remaining "details" do not appear to address the 
matter. I feel like I am missing something pretty basic, here, but just 
can't seem to come up with the right combination.

Any other thoughts?

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