[NTG-context] Columns (text alignment)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 23 16:44:25 CET 2005

Fabio Mancinelli wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> I am experimenting with ConTeXt and columns. I am creating a simple 
> style and I setup 3 columns and redefined some heading (section, 
> subsection, subsubsections).
> Now the problem is that the text at the end of the columns is not 
> aligned (i.e., the columns end at different heights).
> I thought that this was due to the \blank commands that I specified as 
> before and after parameters in the heading definitions, but even by 
> using the flexible modifier doesn't change that behavior.
> I don't know where the problem is. The tex file is attached.

widows and such force tex to break


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