[NTG-context] Red framed text

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 23 10:28:37 CET 2005

David Arnold wrote:

> Very cool. First time I ever could figure out what \relax does. When  
> I deleted it from this source, I got:
> ! I can't find file `zapf}'.
> l.25  {\input zapf}
> Please type another input file name:
> Good learning experience for me. I've seen and ignored this type of  
> error message before, looking elsewhere in the code. A very good  
> heads up for me.
> Now is there anyway I can visualize the importance of the line
>    setbounds currentpicture to OverlayBox ;
> in this example? I deleted it and recompiled but didn't see much  
> difference. What is the import of this line?

take a bigger pen ... since the background is bigger than the overlaybox 
it will get centered in the background which si not what you want, 
therefore the bounding


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