[NTG-context] Re: URw metric files

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Dec 22 23:55:53 CET 2005


Hans Hagen wrote:
>> My last one, yes. The one that only has lm->cm synonyms, nothing else.
> how about vietnamese ... we need to move the berry names to akb then:

I see now that there are no vietnamese fonts in cont-fnt.zip,
I thought you had included the t5 metrics as well.
Those fonts should not be deleted from type-dis then, sorry.

> [berry] vs. [adobekb]
> does this makes sense?

My original take was: if you know how to install the next context
release, then you also know how to install cont-fnt, and no other
trickery would be needed to get these postscript fonts to work.
Just install cont-fnt if you want texfont names, or use e.g.


if you want to stick to berry names. Anything else will give
you a "missing font" error, but one that should be easier to
solve than the current "utmr8y" errors.

So my plan was: no additional changes, just some removed
\fontsynonyms: the ones that map to (regularly) unavailable fonts.

> (The u* and p* files do differ, don't they? If so, what are the 
> compatibility issues involved? I remember some differences in spacing.)

I do not think there will be compatibility issues since the old
type-dis used the same actual metrics as the texfont-installed ones
(both the u* (fontinst) and the [encoding]-u* (texfont) ones are
based on the same .afm files, by URW).

The only different ones are the p* ones that are (already and still
will be) loaded by \usetypescript[adobekb]. These may or may not
be based on actual Adobe metrics, I am not sure.


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