[NTG-context] metapost textext?

Hans van der Meer hansm at science.uva.nl
Thu Dec 22 23:44:02 CET 2005

I have another piece of information on my previous posting.
When I take the mpgraph mp-input for metapost produced by the ConTeXt  
run I see:

(1) running "system(mpost  -progname=mpost -mem=metafun standalone2- 
mpgraph)...executed." as the log shows gives the wrong metafont  
output. I also ran mpost with those parameters standalone on that mp- 
file and got the same bad result.

(2) running texexec --mptex on the file gives the correct result.

Would this help locating the problem?
My mpost is according to mpout.log "This is MetaPost, Version 0.901  
(Web2C 7.5.3) (mem=mpost 2005.11.12)".

yours sincerely,
dr. H. van der Meer

On Dec 21, 2005, at 18:24, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Peter Rolf wrote:
>> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> Hans van der Meer wrote:
>>>> Panic using metapost in context.
>>>> This used to work. I did a file that previously  
>>>> (\thisisutilityversion
>>>> {1998.12.20}) had good output but now has "unknown" everywhere  
>>>> for textext calls!
>>>> \starttext
>>>> \startuseMPgraphic{one}
>>>>    draw (0,0)--(100,0)--(100,50)--(50,50)--(50,100)--(0,100)-- 
>>>> (0,0);
>>>>    label (textext("label"), (10,25));
>>>> \stopuseMPgraphic
>>>> \useMPgraphic{one}
>>>> \stoptext
>>>> But now I see "unknown" as the text typeset instead of "label"!
>>>> What happened. This is disastrous.
>>> this normally points to an error in mp processing (unknown is the  
>>> fall
>>> back text), not so much to something wrong with context (i hope)
>>> it runs ok here; how does it runs at other machines?
>> no problem here (using latest version)
> Runs without problems here as well. The most likely cause of problems
> in this subsystem nowadays is a
>   "format was written by (pdf)(e)tex"
> error message from a (pdf)(e)tex executable. Unfortunately, I also
> find it hard to trace this stuff. It may help to run the example
> in an isolated directory and zip&mail everything in the directory
> afterwards. I can at least have a look, but cannot give guarantees.
> Taco
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