[NTG-context] Some things I don't understand about typescripts...

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Dec 22 14:52:08 CET 2005

Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:
> Christmas is approaching, and I hate to be a pest this time of the  
> year, but there's this problem that really bothers me: I'm still  
> working hard to release version 2 of my Greek module on the  
> unsuspecting masses. It will define all fonts in a typescript instead  
> of as single fonts to allow switches like {\em } etc. It appears that  
> the typescript mechanism creates some problems. The most serious one  
> for me is that it seems to demand a full list of sizes that can be  used 
> in this form:
> \definebodyfont
> [30pt,25pt,20pt,18pt,17.3pt,14.4pt,14pt,12pt,11pt,11.5pt,10pt,9pt,8pt, 
> 7pt,6pt,5pt,4pt]
> [rm]
> [default]


   \definebodyfont [default] [rm] [tf=, ] % ...

should work, afaik

> If I specify a bodyfont with a size that's not in this list
> \setupbodyfont[somebodyfont,19.7pt]
> I get no errors, but no output either :-( If I add 19.7pt to the  list, 
> everything works again. Is there an explanation for this behavior?

Before that call, you may need to do

   \definebodyfontenvironment [19.7pt]

as well (not sure)

> It also looks like I should define a math font for these Greek fonts.  
> It looks like ConTeXt will try to get certain symbols from math if  
> they're not defined in the bodyfont. Is there a syntax for creating a  
> default math font for an entire set of typescripts? I tried this
> \starttypescript
> \definetypeface [all] [mm] [math]  [times]        [default]  
> [encoding=default]

Replacing [all] with [tsgreek] (or whatever you typescript is named)
should work.

Hope this helps,


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