[NTG-context] Chinese in current ConTeXt

Richard Gabriel rgabriel at kerio.com
Thu Dec 22 14:30:27 CET 2005

>> 1. \v!month gives chinese number with the month symbol [so appending 
>> \cnmonth once more is undesired].
>> I guess the resulting date is a bit inconsistent - there should be all 
>> Arabic numbers or all Chinese, not mixed.

>what is convention in china?

>From Xiao Jianfeng:

In Arabic number, today is "2005年12月22日", and in Chinese number,
today is "二○○五年十二月二十二日". Both are often used, and the
former is more popular now, because it is easier to write or type
with keyboard.

So it's up to you... 

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