[NTG-context] Chinese in current ConTeXt

Richard Gabriel rgabriel at kerio.com
Thu Dec 22 12:27:32 CET 2005

Hi Tobias (and Hans),

I've played with this a bit. 
It seems that the nested group breaks things inside the \installlanguage macro.
The following works OK:


...but I can't use the \cnencoding switch... [Is it really necessary here? It works for me even without it...]

Another minor issues: 
1. \v!month gives chinese number with the month symbol [so appending \cnmonth once more is undesired].
I guess the resulting date is a bit inconsistent - there should be all Arabic numbers or all Chinese, not mixed.

2. \v!day give the day number with a leading space which is obviously undesired in Chinese...

Hans, could you please take a look at this? (not a priority)...



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Xiao Jianfeng wrote:
>  It should be "year年month月day日".
I somehow failed to to get the following working; I'm actually too tired 
(3 a.m) to follow the macro expansion in
-   \c!date={\v!month,\ ,\v!day,{,\ },\v!year},

In any case the year/month/day characters in unicode/gbk/big5 are:
@@ -110,0 +111,3 @@
+  \definecommand cnyear                    {\uchar{94}{116}}
+  \definecommand cnmonth                   {\uchar{103}{8}}
+  \definecommand cnday                     {\uchar{101}{229}}
@@ -158,0 +162,3 @@
+  \definecommand cnyear                    {\uchar{196}{234}}
+  \definecommand cnmonth                   {\uchar{212}{194}}
+  \definecommand cnday                     {\uchar{200}{213}}
@@ -204,0 +211,3 @@
+  \definecommand cnyear                    {\uchar{166}{126}}
+  \definecommand cnmonth                   {\uchar{164}{235}}
+  \definecommand cnday                     {\uchar{164}{233}}


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