[NTG-context] CSRoman again

Michal Kvasnička quasar at econ.muni.cz
Wed Dec 21 13:30:39 CET 2005

Good afternoon.

Many thanks for your answer.
Hans Hagen wrote:

>> 2) Some accents do no work, for instance \"o (at least this doesn't 
>> work:
>>    \loadmapfile[psclean.map]
> don't use that one, context will load map files for you (like il2-.....)

Hm. It doesn't. I have to play a little with the distribution. teTeX 3.0 
is much different from the old one, so it's possible I do some stupid 

> - at the last bachotek there was a talk about czech type design and 
> one of the remarks was that fo rmany fonts this whole accent business 
> was more a matter of taste than of quality (i will not quote the 
> speaker on czech typesetting tradition here-)

Yes, it's about tastes. But I strongly do not like Latin Modern, 
especially iacute in sans bold. :-) Simply, I'm used to CS fonts. :-) 
And perhaps Latin Modern will be improved in the nearest future. I'll 
try to get used to it.

> - just curious: do you always use cm fonts? there are other fonts with 
> math nowadays

Well, I teach four different courses and I try to typeset documents for 
each course with a different font: Microeconomics with Computer Modern 
(CS fonts in Type1), Neoclassical Macro with Palatino (URW Palatino + 
math glyphs from pxfonts), Monetary Economics with Concrete (CM Super in 
Type 1 + math glyps in Metafont), and New Institutional Economics with 
Times (URW Times + math glyphs from txfonts). Are there more free fonts 
with math support? Other documents (with no math) I typeset with more fonts.

Many thanks once more. I wish you and the rest of the folk at this 
mailing list Merry Christmass and Happy New Year Eve.
Michal Kvasnicka

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