[NTG-context] betex -etex block parsing bug

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 20 21:53:30 CET 2005

Willi Egger wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems that there is a problem with parsing betex - etex blocks in 
> the following situation:
> I can not say with which version this has been introduced. (I messed 
> up my old TeX, so I have only new ones)
> I tested this with the version of 19-12-2005 an 30-11-2005.
> \setMPtext{1}{CENTER}
> \startuseMPgraphic{TEST}
>    picture Text;
>    Text := \MPbetex{1};
>    draw Text;
> \stopuseMPgraphic
> the betex-etex block will look like 'tex CENTERetex' of course the 
> etex should be separated by a space.
> For testing I attach the minimal file.

this was the old code:

% \def\MPtext       #1{\getvalue{\@@MPT#1}}
% \def\MPstring    #1{"\getvalue{\@@MPT#1}"}
% \def\MPbetex #1{btex \getvalue{\@@MPT#1} etex}

but due to some reported problems with undefined texts, it became

\def\MPtext       #1{\executeifdefined{\@@MPT#1}\empty}
\def\MPstring    #1{"\executeifdefined{\@@MPT#1}\empty"}
\def\MPbetex #1{btex \executeifdefined{\@@MPT#1}\empty etex}

so, let's add a space:

\def\MPbetex #1{btex \executeifdefined{\@@MPT#1}\empty\space etex}

(interesting is that it runs ok here -)


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