[NTG-context] "Degrading" TABLE column

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Dec 20 10:40:12 CET 2005

It sounds like an accumulation of (spurious) spaces, but
that is doesn't help. A (minimal-ish) example will be needed.


Duncan Hothersall wrote:
> I'm trying to solve a problem with a TABLE in a large-ish (600 page)
> book. The table occurs in an appendix, and the contents of one column
> are spilling out into the next column on the right.
> The weird thing is that when I process just that bit of the book, the
> effect is much smaller, and when I process the whole book (with the
> table near the end), the contents move all the way to the other side of
> the next column, moving almost a full column's width to the right.
> I will try to work up an example, but in the meantime, does this ring a
> bell with anyone in terms of something (an offset value, and alignment
> parameter?) which "degrades" over the course of a large run, such that
> the effect is minimal in a small document, but visible at the end of a
> large one?
> Thanks,
> Duncan
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