[NTG-context] CSRoman again

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Mon Dec 19 20:10:05 CET 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi
>> I've spent some time experimenting with LatinModern font. After all I 
>> was able to use it, but I found I hate it.
>> 1) The have accents positioned in a ugly way (or at least, in a way 
>> not common in the Czech typesetting)

Do you have the current version - 0.99.3?

>> 2) Some accents do no work, for instance \"o (at least this doesn't work:
>>    \loadmapfile[psclean.map]
> don't use that one, context will load map files for you (like il2-.....)
> it looks like you load the wrong map file
>>    \enableregime[il2]
>>    ...
>>    B\"ohm-Bawerk
>> Is there some way to get privately back to CS-Modern fonts? It seems 
>> these fonts are redefined to Latin Modern, so I can't use them. Please 
>> help.
> you can take a look at type-old.tex, and copy the relevant mapping 
> (il2)to a local typeface file and load that one (as long as you make 
> sure that the definitions are seen last)
> another option is to use a private map file (or a file with 
> \pdfmaplines) that map the latin modern fonts to csr fonts (maybe a 
> better options; the metrics that tex uses are the same anyway)
> anyhow, a few remarks:
> - at the last bachotek there was a talk about czech type design and one 
> of the remarks was that fo rmany fonts this whole accent business was 
> more a matter of taste than of quality (i will not quote the speaker on 
> czech typesetting tradition here-)

Probably Karel Horak. There was done big improvements since this time 
(spring 2005). So I have to support Hans's opinion.

There was a HUGE discussion on the Czech TeX list before and during 
Boguslaw's lecture in Brno (nov 2005). The result was:
- LM is suitable for Czech typesetting despite of some minor compromises 
followed from multinational typesetting.
- Boguslaw admited some minor bugs in LM and promised to fix them. He 
also carried out many notes and proof sheets.
- LM is much more consistent over the whole CM family.
- CS Type1 has many bugs in accents (nearly in any non csr10 font).


> - if one goes open type (some day soon for tex) one has to live with 
> some general design (consistent positioning among a large range)
> - computer modern was never designed with all those accented characters 
> in mind, and it will probably never look real great (plr, csr, vnr all 
> look kin dof bad unless printed on high resolutions)
> - as far as i've heard, there will be some compromis cooked up for cs in 
> the next release of lm, and afaik after that the majority of cstug will 
> adopt the font, so in the end ....
> - csr is a rather limited font since it only implements a small subset 
> of il2 (same for pl0 which also implements a subset; such subsets are a 
> nightmare for tex developers and stand in the way for future tex's, this 
> is why the lm project was started ... we need to survive)
> - just curious: do you always use cm fonts? there are other fonts with 
> math nowadays
> Hans
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