[NTG-context] Need to compile individual components with proper numbering, etc.

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sun Dec 18 11:49:42 CET 2005

David Arnold wrote:
> All,
> With the structure (posted below for completeness), I will need to  
> compile the individual components (small chunks to post online for  
> students with modems). I know this is possible, with say texexec  
> section1. However, if that is section1.tex of chapter8.tex, then I  will 
> need the run to produce all of the correct numbering of  examples, 
> equations, definitions, etc. I am hoping this is possible  with this 
> structure. Comments?

I believe this is not possible, but I want this as well, and so
do a few other people (that I know of). If it *can* be done,
it should be documented. If not, it sohuld be put on someone's
todo list (possibly mine). I've created a collector item.


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