[NTG-context] Need to compile individual components with proper numbering, etc.

David Arnold dwarnold45 at cox.net
Sun Dec 18 03:01:54 CET 2005


With the structure (posted below for completeness), I will need to  
compile the individual components (small chunks to post online for  
students with modems). I know this is possible, with say texexec  
section1. However, if that is section1.tex of chapter8.tex, then I  
will need the run to produce all of the correct numbering of  
examples, equations, definitions, etc. I am hoping this is possible  
with this structure. Comments?


I have files:


I also have:


And similar files for each of the eight chapters. Here is my project  
file: ~/IntermediateAlgebraText/book.tex


\startproject book

\environment bookenv

\product chapter1/chapter1

\product chapter2/chapter2

\product chapter3/chapter3

\product chapter4/chapter4

\product chapter5/chapter5

\product chapter6/chapter6

\product chapter7/chapter7

\product chapter8/chapter8


%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: conTeXt-en
%%% End:

Here, for example, is my ~/IntermediateAlgebraText/chapter1/chapter1.tex

\startproduct chapter1

\project book



\input zapf

\component section1

\component section2

\component section3



%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: conTeXt-en
%%% End:

As an example of a section, consider ~/IntermediateAlgebraText/ 


\startcomponent section1

\project book
\product chapter1

\section[sec:1]{The Function Concept}

\input knuth


%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: conTeXt-en
%%% End:

This look OK to folks? Will I get in trouble with this plan?

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