[NTG-context] \totalnumberofpages and \setuparranging [2UP]

Tobias Burnus burnus at gmx.de
Thu Dec 15 15:08:21 CET 2005


John Magolske wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting \totalnumberofpages to display while using 
> \setuparranging [2UP].
In order to get \totalnumberofpages (or \lastpage), the following happens:
- First TeX run -> produces <file>.tui
- TeXutil -> convert <file>.tui into <file>.tuo
- Second TeX run -> reads <file>.tuo
The <file>.tuo file contains the needed information. (texexec calls 
texutil automatically and reruns if needed)

If you \setuparranging [2UP], the <file>.tui contains these extra lines:
   c \utilitygenerationaborted
   q {quit}
which prevents TeXutil from creating the needed information.

Why this is done that way, we have to wait for Hans to answer.

Workaround: Run TeX once (texexec ....), remove the two lines, run 
"texutil --ref <file>" and run TeX again (texexec ...)


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