[NTG-context] The speed of development?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Dec 14 23:21:51 CET 2005

leon wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I'm starting to use conTeXt. And thanks for all those people encourage
>me in my last email.
>I read in various places that the pace of development is fast. I don't
>get a clue of what that means. As far as I know LaTeX hasn't been
>updated for over 3 years. So how fast is conTeXt being developed? The
>conTeXt manual dated 2001 since pretty old to me. Am I right?
sure, but it's only one of the many manuals ... more detailed manuals 
came later; see website for more details

(the texbook is older -)

concerning development ... it's driven by what we need here, by what 
users demand, and what is fun to implement


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