[NTG-context] Re: Chinese

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 13 10:52:18 CET 2005

Duncan Hothersall wrote:

>Hans wrote:
>>chinese is not yet defined in utf so if you want that, we need to do it
>>assuming this, how about making a set of tfm,enc,map files that match 
>>the unicode positions (volunteers ...)
>I'm very willing to help, especially if there is some drudge work
>involved in constructing the files. I don't know enough (yet) about the
>logic of it all to help with setting up the system, but if someone can
>supply skeleton files and/or a method for constructing the necessary
>files, I'm happy to do any leg-work.
what we need is a set of encoding files like

/UniEncoding52 [
] def

that represent the ranges and can be used to construct tfm files.

(or whatever index entry is needed in order to filter the metrics from 
the ttf file)

maybe patricks font code already can do that:

- read in a ttf file (or a glyph list produced by ttf2tfm or ttf2afm)
- make a range of enc and tfm files

actually, this is rather generic, since pdftex can handle symbolic names 
like /index... and /uni..., so if we have such a set, we can stick to 
one bunch of enc files

the utf handler can then simply access char E1 from htsong-52.tfm

testing is rather simple:

\pdfmapline{htsong-52 <uni-52.enc <htsong.ttf}

\font\test=htsong-52 \char"e1



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