[NTG-context] \totalnumberofpages & texexec --pages=1:2

Tobias Burnus burnus at gmx.de
Wed Dec 7 15:10:34 CET 2005


Hans Hagen wrote:
>> I tried now:
>>  texexec --texutil --runs=2 --batch --pages=1:2
>> which runs only once (= tex once and then texutil once).
>> If one then manually runs texexec again (same options) it finally 
>> shows "Page 1 of 3".
> so there is a problem with your file (missing structure?)
Well, the problem is that the file is longer (e.g. three pages with a 
long less interesting log) than I want to have it (one sheet/2 pages); 
thus I use --pages=1:2, which seems to interfer with multiple runs 
(--pages seems to cause an implicit --once).
Otherwise, if I run without --pages it works fine.


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