[NTG-context] ConTeXt logo

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sun Dec 4 15:18:09 CET 2005

Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:
> All (and especially Hans...),
> where is \CONTEXT (the logo) defined? Looking at the output I get, I  
> wonder if it doesn't need a bit of kerning between Con and the  
> following T; there's quite a gap between these two letters (at least  in 
> the font I'm using).

Have a look at \ConTeXt in cont-log.tex. The needed spacing  will vary
per font family, of course.

Usually (as for the NTG's journal), we do not even try to get it right.
Our defs are along these lines:


etc. (basically, only use the \TeX macro and ignore all else)

Cheers, Taco

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