[NTG-context] extra space after variant

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Dec 2 19:48:09 CET 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hans van der Meer wrote:
>> When I code:
>>      abc {\variant[xyz] pqr}
>> I find extra space typeset between "abc" and "pqr".
>> This extra space is absent when I code
>>       abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}
>> Thus the space in the source between ] and pqr makes a difference in  
>> the result.
>> Clearly visible in:
>> abc {\variant[xyz] pqr} abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}\crlf
>> abc {\Var[xyz]pqr} abc {\Var[xyz] pqr}\crlf
>> I would think that this should not happen.
>> The whitespace goes away by inserting an \ignorespaces in the variant- 
>> definition.
>> \def\variant[#1]% slow
>>   {\dosetscaledfont
>>    \expanded{\definedfont
>>      [\truefontname{\fontstringA\fontstylesuffix\fontvariant 
>> \fontstringA{#1}}
>>         at \scaledfont]}\ignorespaces}
>> Still using version 2005-11-14, forget this if already corrected in  
>> the latest version of the 30th.
> before we do that ... do others agree (taco, adam ...)?
> we don't want compatibility issues -)
> btw, a better sulution is to use \ignoreimplicitspaces:
> \def\ignoreimplicitspaces
>  {\doifnextcharelse\relax\relax\relax}
> abc {x\variant[xyz]\space pqr} abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}\crlf
> abc {\variant[xyz]\space pqr} abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}\crlf
> abc {\variant[xyz] pqr} abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}\crlf
> abc {\variant[xyz]{x} pqr} abc {\variant[xyz]pqr}\crlf
> otherwise you run into problems with macros that want to insert a space 
> explicitly

I like it, because the implementation bug was a bit annoying to me 

Also, thanks for the fix for adapting sizes, back a few months. It means 
that the EC Companion/TS1 support can now become feasible. Shall I try 
to nudge that forward again?

The biggest issue is probably in typescripts and font synonyms -- should 
they directly support Berry names, seeing as that's where people will be 
getting these TS1 fonts?

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