[NTG-context] bibtexing problems

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Fri Dec 2 16:39:15 CET 2005

Hi Wolfgang,

For 1. and 2., see Thomas' reply.

Wolfgang Zillig wrote:
> 3. I have in the bibtex field: "comment = {genauere Analyse des Papers 
> nötig!}," some comments. They are added at the end the individual 
> reference. Is there a possibility to suppress this field?

In the bibl-apa.tex file, you can simply remove all the \insertcomment
commands. Or you can delete the \comment lines from <\jobname>.bbl
(probably easier).

> 4. is there a way of citing by bibtex key? (to get (Hameury2005) for the 
> entry @ARTICLE{Hameury2005,...)). I think that is nice to have during 
> writing the document and only to change this in the final version.

Sure you can:

   \cite[key][Hameury2005] will give you "Hameury2005"



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