[NTG-context] LucidaBright fonts...I'm stumped

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 2 16:34:07 CET 2005

Richard Gabriel wrote:

> Hello Henk,
> I reply to your request only beacause I'm also using the Lucida Bright 
> fonts.
> At least, you must also have the appropriate .tfm files for your fonts.
> In addition, I also have some virtual fonts (.vf) that have been 
> created for Lucida fonts for the particular encondings (namely ec).
> In ConTeXt, you need to write the font definitions, so-called typescripts.
> I must confess it took me quite much time and testing to understand 
> how typescripts work and make myself a bit familiar with them!
> If you want, contact me off-list and we can discuss the particular issues.

i'm wondering ... do the lucida font nowadays ship with the math 
specific tfm files (that used to be the case)


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