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     Subject:     blackboard bold and calligraphic
     Date:     November 28, 2005 17:46:07 GMT+01:00
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There is a problem with the Blackboard symbols, when used in regular  
and bold forms both.

In the Lucida fontset there is a regular series in lbma (or hlcra),  
and a bold series in font lbmad (or hlcda).
As I understand from the current code, switching from regular to bold  
should be accompanied by a switch from Blackboard to something like  
BlackboardBold in the command \bbd (from the sources I guess \bbd in  
font-ini.tex is the most basic macro here).
The problem is that \bbd is defined as:
\def\bbd {\mathortext{\fam\purefamily  {blackboard}}{\symbolicfont   
Thus the font is hardcoded to regular Blackboard.

I have no idea what should be the best strategy to repair this.
As for now, the most general mechanism for switching to other/bold  
math fontfamilies I could find is using \bfmath (and friends).
The font needed is in one of the math font registers, of course, so  
something like {\ma CNRZ} instead of {\bbd CNRZ} will do for now. But  
this low level code makes the TeX-source explicitely dependant on the  
font, because for example in the AMS-series these characters are  
found in msmb then needing {\mb CNRZ}.

Is there some generic solution here?


There is a similar problem with $\cal ...$
It is defined as
\def\cal {\mathortext{\fam\purefamily{calligraphic}}{\symbolicfont 

I definded a font synonym "Calligraphic" but ConTeXt does not seem to  
use it in math mode. The calligraphic symbols appear to be taken from  
the sy (symbol) math family instead of the Calligraphic font. It is a  
problem, because in the MathTimes fonts the calligraphic letters are  
in another font (mtms and its bold companion). Typesetting
${\cal XYZ}\hbox{\cal XYZ}$
gives the wrong characters (coming from the symbol font) in the first  
XYZ, the correct letters in the second.

How can this be solved?

yours sincerely,
dr. H. van der Meer

yours sincerely,
dr. H. van der Meer

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