[NTG-context] Scite problems after update of Scite

Wolfgang Zillig wolfgang.zillig at student.kuleuven.be
Wed Nov 30 22:03:22 CET 2005


I have some problems with Scite after updating (new installing) scite.
The scite version is 1.66 (Nov 23 2005 16:59:09) on WinXP. I copied the
*.properties files from cont-tmf.zip (sorry I don't know which version
this is but also downloaded it today from pragma) into the scite folder.
I further added "input context" in SciTEglobal.properties and removed
the "tex" entry there.

My problems are:

1. when starting scite i get an error: 
attempt to call a string value
>Lua: error occurred while loading startup script

I assume this is due to "import scite-ctx" and in that file there is
"ext.lua.startup.script=$(SciteDefaultHome)/scite-ctx.lua" which I don't

My solution: I commended "import scite-ctx" out

2. When I try to compile a file then I get the message: ">texmfstart
newtexexec.rb --autopdf --pdf to_do.tex
>The system cannot find the file specified." 
When I try the command:"texmfstart newtexexec.rb --autopdf --pdf
to_do.tex" in the command line I get the file compiled without any
problems. I absolutely don't have an idea whats going wrong here.

3. all text and context commands are in black and white. Is there a
chance to get color back?



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