[NTG-context] Linux binaries

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 28 11:27:12 CET 2005

Duncan Hothersall wrote:

>I just foolishly downloaded the 2005-11-16 linuxtex.zip minimal linux
>distribution and copied it on top of my previous one, and I now discover
>that the binaries are linked to a more recent version of glibc than I
>have on my linux box. Eek.
indeed annoying (and depressing); it also means that you cannot copy an 
old tree to a new linux installation (this is what i found out 
recently); on windows, one does not have this problem (since it carries 
previous versions of libraries); i don't know how sensitive macosx is 
for updates

(maybe we should put a set of statically linked binaries someplace; a 
kind of archive)

>I will clearly need to update the linux machine in due course, but does
>anyone (a) know if the binaries from the previous zip will work as a
>stop-gap, and (b) happen to have a copy of the previous linuxtex.zip (or
>the binaries from it) available for download?
yes, you can use the old binaries, no problem;

hm, a copy of previous binaries ... i can make a zip of an old tree


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