[NTG-context] How is it possible to include DraTex codein Context?

Fabrice Larribe larribe.fabrice at uqam.ca
Fri Nov 25 19:14:40 CET 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:

> Fabrice Larribe wrote
> >>
> > Thanks for your help. I have put the two files in context/base, and
> > use \usemodule. In the log,
> > the system inform that the two modules are loaded. But I have the same
> > error, "No room for a new \dimen".
> > So this is not working. Unless you have others ideas, I guess I have
> > to do my figures in plain tex to obtain
> > pdf, and then use the pdf in Context. Of course, a better solution is
> > to learn metafun....!!
> > Thanks for your help.
> can you make a small test file that shows the problem?
I'm not sure if I can atatch a file to mailing-list, so I paste here a 
piece of code, which works with Tex: (between \Draw and \EndDraw of course).





> (when we have it working i'll ask Eitan to fix this, i.e. adapt dratex
> to etex usage)
> Hans
This would be wonderfull. Dratex is simple and powerfull, and portable 
between plain tex, latex and perhaps one day context !
Thanks for the help. This is much appreciated.

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