[NTG-context] beginners manual - Install

Miguel Queiros tex at mqueiros.com
Fri Nov 25 04:04:45 CET 2005

> http://www.activestate.com/   they provide avtivepearl. It's no problem 
> to install it.
> http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ there you get ruby. They provide a link to 
> the "one click ruby installer" which you will find here:
> http://rubyinstaller.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl  there is the

I'v had downloaded already Perl from activestate, and I believe
I came across the ruby installer you mentioned but didn't installed
it yet...

> after installing you should check if the *.exe of perl and ruby is in 
> the default path. you can easily check in the command line by
>     calling ruby --version
>     and
>     perl --version
> To get the context scripts running they should also be in the default 
> path (this given path is valid for my miktex installation, you probably 
> have to change it)!
>     C:\texmf\scripts\context\perl
>     C:\texmf\scripts\context\ruby
> I had to add them manually.

Thanks for you information... Pragma site also mentions ghostscript,
is it realy needed or only if you want postscripts ?

Once again thank you,
Miguel Queirós

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