Getting texfont to do batch installs on gwTeX (was Re: [NTG-context] Palatino)

Hans Hagen pragma at
Wed Nov 23 17:47:13 CET 2005

Gerben Wierda wrote:

>texfont and/or ConTeXt seems to be keyed to a certain distribution setup.
>I would say that for ConTeXt that is ok (though as far as I know Hans
>himself keeps the fonts in TEXMFFONTS or so, so he needs a specialized
>type-tmf.dat as well). That the default is TeX Live also seems to be fine
>to me.
the reason for a separate three texmffonts is that it permits me to 
update the main tree (wipe out, copy new) and still have my installed 
extra fonts

(i tried to get a texmffonts var in the regular texmf.cnf but that was 
rejected: objection "too many trees" while in the meantime we have more 
trees in tl as well -)

>The easiest way would be if you can give this as an argument to texfonts.
>Another issue is that fonts can be in multiple trees. Some i-Packages may
>install in texmf.local (so it can be easily uninstalled), or fonts can be
>in texmf.tetex or texmf.gwtex). I do not know enough about texfont, but if
>Hans wants to work with me we can sort that out. After all, I probably
>have a good example of a non-TL multi-tree setup. BTW, there are support
>reasons why I do not use the TEXMFMAIN name or the standard texmf-dist
>directory name.

ah, i see, so the problem is TEXMFMAIN in the dat file

before we start hacking ... this --ro stands for --rootlist so it may be 
a list; so


should work; can someone test that?


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