[NTG-context] beginners manual

Tobias Burnus burnus at net-b.de
Tue Nov 22 21:51:10 CET 2005


Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>   special characters: explain e.g. \{ and \[ (3)
That brings me to a thing I miss a lot. My LaTeX book had in the end a 
few pages with special characters, which is the main reason I still look 
in it.

I'd like to see - preferably at the last pages of the manual so one 
finds them quickly in the printed version:
- somewhere: -, --, ---, |-| etc.
- somewhere: \/ (German example: Auf\/lage) to prevent the ligature
- \dots
- How to enter: $ & % # { } \ (esp. the "\")
- text mode accents
  \'o \type{\'o}  (maybe mention \oaccute as well?)
  \SS\ \type{\SS}
and text mode symbols \copyright, \S, ...
- mention that for different languages some additional methods exists 
(e.g. de "u -> ü, "s -> ß; or for Greek; or ...)
- mathematical input
  Math accents
  Maybe also AMS Symbols

In short I mean basically the following tables from "\LATEX 
- Page 19, Table 4 (accents and special letters) and Table 5 (symbols)
- page 32ff, Table 6 (math accents), Table 7 (small Greek letters), 
Table 8 (capital Greek letters), Table 9 (further symbols), Table 10 
("big" operators), Table 11 (binary operators), Table 12 (relations), 
Table 13 (negated relations), Table 14 (arrows) and Table 15 (braces)


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