[NTG-context] AMS-style bibliography?

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Nov 19 08:59:37 CET 2005

Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:
> Is there a pre-rolled bibliography style that looks follows
> the AMS specs?

Probably not, but point me to the AMS specs. I also
have a "numbered" style planned, c.f. "plain.bst",
and a style for the ntg's Maps.

There are now 4 bibl-XXX files in the zip, all with bad

    bibl-apa    : APA bibliography style
    bibl-apa-de : APA bibliography style (german)
    bibl-aps:     APS bibliography style
    bibl-ssa:     SSA-like (by David Wooten)

I simply do not have any idea what those acronyms stand for
(except APS, which is the American Physical Society, I believe).

Anybody: if you have created other that you want to
share, send them to me and I will add the file to the
bib module distribution.

> (BTW, when trying out various alternatives=
> I found that only aps works, all of the others bomb
> complaining extra # marks. I'm using a September 2005
> version of t-bib ... do I need to upgrade?)

The very latest t-bib is here:


but it has a known problem with # marks. ;-)

I intend to do some work on the module today, because
the low-level core support macros I need are there now.



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