[NTG-context] Table problem with ConTeXT 2005.11.16

The Wizard Mark.Almeida at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 17 19:22:51 CET 2005

All -
    Just downloaded and installed 2005.11.16, and now a document
which built fine under the 2005.10.27 version breaks. The code
which fails is a simple table


\VL \bf Revision \VL \bf Date \VL \bf Author \VL \bf Description \VL \AR
\VL 0.9 \VL 11/04/2005 \VL Mark Almeida \VL Initial draft, for review and comment \VL \AR


The errors I get from texexec look like this

floatblocks     : 1 placed
! Undefined control sequence.
\OTRONEsomeherefloat ...\dorechecknextindentation

<argument> ... \placesomeherefloat [\v!here ,here]
                                                  \else \dosavefloat \fi \fi
\secondoftwoarguments #1#2->#2

\dogetfloatbox ... \floatmethod \floatmethod }[#1]
\docompletefloat ...egroup \dofloat {#4}{}{#6}{#1}
                                                  \else \doglobal \convertar...
<argument> ...}{table}{here}{table}{none}\nextbox
                                                  \else \docompletefloat {ta...
l.9 \stoptable


Anyone got any ideas?
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