[NTG-context] from an other adress, getting old ConTeXt Version

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 14 01:11:46 CET 2005

jessica Holle wrote:

> Hi,
> I write from an other e-mail adress, hope it works.
> I want to install at home the same ConTeXt as at work, but there I've 
> the version from 2005-08-31. Can I get the old version? Where can I 
> find this?
> Hope his will work and somebody knows something about this.

- install a recent context
- remove the tex/context/base path
-zip your base path at work and unzip it in the hoem base path
- run texexec --make --all

and you're probably ok

(ok, maybe also /map/pdftex/context)


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