[NTG-context] font problems again

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 14 00:07:44 CET 2005

Hans van der Meer wrote:

> No help from enabling in cont-sys.tex of:
> \usetypescript[adobekb] [\defaultencoding]
> (updmap.cfg contains URWkb for the LW35 fonts)
> then it starts asking for (non-existing) maps like:
> Warning: pdfetex (file ec-urw-helvetica.map): cannot open font map file

that is when you use texfont generated metrics

texfont --encoding=ec --batch type-tfm.dat

will generate those metrics (which are the ones i use)

> If I use
> \setupbodyfont[lbr,12pt]
> then I get just lm-roman, although I have the YandY lucida fonts  
> installed with their original YandY names (lb--.pfb)
> Here no help from changing between texnansi and ec default encoding.

lucida is a special case -)

because i used lucida a lot, those definitions ended up in the core, but 
when i bought more and more fonts, i finally decided to move the lucida 
defs to the type-buy.tex typescript because that;s where they belong

you can add the line:


to the cont-sys.tex file, but best is (because it's a document property) 
to say in you document (or style):

\usetypescriptfile[type-buy]         % loads commercial font definitions
\usetypescript[lucida][texnansi]   % defines a lucida typeface
\setupbodyfont[lucida,12pt]         % enables the  typeface  defined as 

(see type-buy.tex)

so, basically, the 'lbr' choice is gone

the same is true for 'pos'; which originally was meant for the fonts 
that adobe shipped (but no longer does); over time it became for instance

\usetypescript[postscript][ec]   % times, helvetica,  courier, tx math; 
properly r-scaled 

or in components



in principle the

\usetypescript [adobekb] [ec]  %  depending on what is in use, if in 
doubt use [all]

should work; (keep in mind that in spite of all kind of references in 
tex environments to encodings, often only ec is shipped)

> Any idea whats amiss? I ran this on a teTeX3 install with the context  
> files unzipped into texmf-local.
> (I must confess I am tempted to give up on ConTeXt altogether,  
> because of these many font troubles.)

well, latin modern is kind of special for a while (because it involves 
some major changes in distributions as well) but that will stabelize 
(only new fonts will be added to the latin modern family; context for 
instance does support teh condensed monospaced already)

concerning distributions: because of changes in map, enc, whatever, i 
don't use updmap (i have way more fonts on my machine than present in 
distributed map files)

how old is your cont-sys.tex? take a look at cont-sys.rme and see what 
has changed (keep in mind that pdftex occasionally changes and we need 
to keep up with that as well)

[once a generic map file model is in place - which is on the agenda for 
pdftex cum suis] live may become more easy


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