[NTG-context] Index

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Nov 10 11:37:48 CET 2005

Gerben Wierda wrote:

>>Correction: I goofed up; after correcting the file, I get exactly
>>what I expected. AFAICS, index generation now works flawlessly with
>>newtexexec! Great, wonderful, kudos to you!
>Um, I just noticed. "newtexexec"? Has the command name changed? Please say
>no. Because a command name change would mean that I have to redistribute
>the binaries (where the command lives) and not just the context trees in

no, for the moment stick to texexec

here, when i set TEXMFSTART_MODE=experimental I get newtexexec 
automatically; the idea is that the stub (sh sript) is as follows:

=== texexec =====

texmfstart texexec $@

in that case texmfstart will locate the right script and do what is 
needed; no more hassle for distributers; basically only texmfstart needs 
to be copied to the bin path (texmfstart.rb -> texmfstart)  plus some 
stubs be made (i made that mechanism because of the occasional changes 
in the tree locations)

once newtexexec becomes texexec (the perl script will be replaced) i'll 
come back to it, so for the moment don't worry


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