[NTG-context] Re: Creatin metafun.mem on OSX

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Thu Nov 10 09:36:48 CET 2005

>> If you start i-Installer and go to the Preferences and you go to the
>> "Other" tab you can set an automatic check for updates on i-Packages
>> you have ("Check packages for updates...").
> Already done.
>>  This creates a unix 'crontab' entry which is run at the time you have
>> selected (e.g. every day a 07:00). This entry runs a helper program
>> that checks the remote version of all your i-Packages and will report
>> updated i-Packages via Mail.
> (Fine. How does this notification happen? Does he knows my email? Or am
> I asking something stupid?)

The "crontab" tool takes care of this. You get mail as yourself on your

> Another obvious thing, but just to be sure. "Using gwtex" means for me
> typesetting from inside TeXShop with standard engine default. Right?

Right (in 99.99% of the cases).

> Thanks a lot to all for the support
> So, know I'm waiting for updates

They are already there. Hoever, I just noticed that people talk about
"newtexexec" and that is a command and if that is indeed a new command it
will not be available after the updated ConTeXt updater install.


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