[NTG-context] maximum of \externalfigure in MP

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Nov 8 12:24:15 CET 2005

andrea valle wrote:
> (Taco, thanks for all the infos. Now, just trying to understand).
> Why the bug manifest itself in this particular tex file? I mean: I have 
> made other pieces, both with far less either with far more included pdfs 
> and everything was ok.
> What's special in the bug-raiser tex we discussed about?

For every pdf you include, about 80 bytes is added to an internal
string. There is a macro that checks the length of this string, and
it sets a special "there are included pdfs" flag when the strings
length is larger than zero. However, the primitive metapost operation
to get the length of a string is rather stupid, it wraps without ever
checking anything. Just run this bit of metapost code and watch the
terminal output:

   string s;
   s := "";
     s := s & "        ";
     message decimal length s;

(you'll have to kill the process manually)

So, my patch checks for 'not zero', which has a far smaller
chance of being incorrect. Not completely nil, unfortunately.
'length' can actually wrap back to being zero, I'll have to
fix that in metapost itself.


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