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Subject: [dev-context] custom page number format
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:50:15 -0600
From: Stuart Jansen <sjansen at gurulabs.com>
Organization: Guru Labs, L.C.
To: ConTeXt Development Mailing List <dev-context at ntg.nl>

I've scoured the list archive and the wiki trying to figure out how to
create an interactive table of contents that includes the chapter number
as part of the page number.

I'm looking for a solution that given something like:

Table of Contents
  \placelist[...] % full TOC
  \placelist[...] % local TOC
  \placelist[...] % local TOC

produces something like:

Table of Contents
   One	1-1	Two	2-1
     a	1-2	    d	2-2
     b	1-3	    e	2-4
     c	1-7
One            % page 1-1
     a	1-2
     b	1-3
     c	1-7
   a            % page 1-2
   b            % page 1-3
   c            % page 1-7
Two            % page 2-1
     d	2-2
     e	2-4
   d            % page 2-2
   e            % page 2-4

I've found solutions to print the page number on individual pages using
the chapter-pagenumber format. I can get \placelist to produce the
format I want. It's easy to produce interactive lists using the
pre-defined formats. But I haven't been able to produce an interactive
custom formatted list. And at any rate, my solutions are kind of ugly
leading me to believe there's probably an easier way I've missed.

How should I be doing this?

Stuart Jansen <sjansen at gurulabs.com>
Guru Labs, L.C.

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