[NTG-context] maximum of \externalfigure in MP

andrea valle valle at di.unito.it
Mon Nov 7 01:46:05 CET 2005

Hi to all,
I'm including many externalfigures in pdf in a MPgraphic (300 pdfs, 
more or less). The MPgraphic draws some arrows connecting the pdf 
(it is the musical project using lilypond we discussed some time ago).

Till now, everything has always gone very well. Now I'm getting a 
little crazy.

in fact, I'm having a strange behaviour I cannot explain.
When I render the context file, as output I have the MP drawing, but 
all the (many) pdfs are replaced with blank spaces. I noticed that it 
seems that pdfs are not loaded (the console doesn't print their names 
in any way). I also checked the utility files (.mp, etc) but I'm not 
able to extract any useful info.
If I comment out some of the lines requesting \externalfigure, 
(remaining) pdfs are again displayed.
So, I'm guessing that is should be something related with a maximum of 
I'm surprised because I generated examples containing many more pdf 
fragments than the present one, and I have never had any problem.

Here's the zipped directory I'm working with:

Any hint/help is much appreciated



Andrea Valle
DAMS - Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
Università degli Studi di Torino
andrea.valle at unito.it

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