[NTG-context] Mini-survey: What do you do with ConTeXt?

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Fri Nov 4 21:02:02 CET 2005


No there is no reason to be shy! - Context has become THE tool for all 
typesetting purposes. So in my environment letters, invoices, 
addres-labels, envelop-printing, greetingcards etc are made up in 
Context together with functionality provided by Metafun. A favorite 
issue is making flowcharts for e.g. bookbinding guides, meatprocessing  
or  visualization of  the production of a tool.  Next to all this I 
write my own books which are completely made up in Context including 
imposition of the pages for folding sections in order to end up with 
sewn books. E.g I prepared a 600 pages book which includes over a 120 
drawings and metapost-figures. This book is bound as a girdle-book. - 
Whenever I am asked to give a presentation there is Context involved. - 
Why? Just because I know I can achieve what I want!

Though there is sometimes a bit of hassle after all the changes in the 
tex-tree occuring during time, Context is still the best environment I 
have ever tried. Many thanks Hans for this great environment!


Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi all,
> For the next issue of the ntg's Maps journal, Hans and I believe
> it would be nice to publish the collected responses to this simple
> question:
>   What do you do with ConTeXT?
> We think it would be nice to see all the various ways in which people
> experience ConTeXt. We are not looking for articles, in fact we really
> want just a small amount of text per user, nothing longer then you
> would normally type in an email message.
> One, perhaps two paragraphs that simply tell about your personal 
> experience using (or playing with) (or fighting with) (or yelling at) 
> (or staring at in bewilderment) (or revelling in) (or running away from)
> ConTeXt.
> If you like this idea, just reply to this message. I will then
> collect and merge the responses, and finally put a pdf on-line
> somewhere.
> Don't be shy!
> Taco
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