[NTG-context] (Re)installing mswintex

Sytse Knypstra S.Knypstra at rug.nl
Thu Nov 3 15:20:04 CET 2005

Thanks to all of you who gave attention to my problem.

It was caused by something very stupid: a copy of some cont-sys.tex file 
was left about in same directory as my test file. After removing it, 
everything went fine.

A suggestion for Hans:
wouldn't it be a good idea to insert the following lines into the 
readme.txt file of mswintex.zip? It informs the user that cont-lmt.zip 
should also be downloaded and unzipped into the proper subdirectory.
Or even better, can't you include the cont-lmt files into mswintex.zip 
in order to make points 3 and 4 superfluous?

Installation of the minimal ConTeXt distribution for Windows:
1. Download mswintex.zip from Pragma
2. Unzip into C:\  (all files and directories are now under C:\tex)
3. Download cont-lmt.zip from Pragma
4. Unzip into C:\tex\texmf-fonts
5. Start a CMD shell and run the commands:
    > cd c:\tex
    > setuptex.bat
    > mktexlsr
    > texexec --make --alone nl en metafun
"C:\" can be replaced by any other (sub)directory name

Sytse Knypstra

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