[NTG-context] How to use layers or other methods for precise positioning of items

Kári Hreinsson karihre at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 01:19:40 CET 2005


I have been trying to use ConTeXt for setting up a book with a list of
students in my school, with pictures of them, phone numbers, emails
and such.

I thought I could use ConTeXt for the job since LaTeX gave me much
trouble in trying to alter the layout and look of the page.

I found the "layer" feature in ConTeXt which I found very interesting
and thought I could use it to position items (such as text info,
images and the layout) within these layers since they offer very
precise positioning with a x-y grid like system.

When I was trying to use this feature for multipage document it cut of
all of the pages except the first.  I found out that the layers
weren't thought to be part of the content of the file but more like a
background and I can't figure out how to use them on many pages
without placing something like a dot on every page.  Is there any way
to do this?
I discovered that the layers were "inserted" into the document via
"\setupbackgrounds[page]" so I understand why it acts like this but I
am asking if there is some way of getting layers working like I want?

Maybe I am going in completely wrong way?  Is there any other good way
to do this, that is positioning items with x-y coordinates or
something totally different that I am missing?

Another thing I was wondering about is how to make items like images
bleed (that is to go over the edge of the paper, to avoid white lines
at the margin).  Can I use negative values for positioning to achive

All help is greatly appreciated since I am not understanding this and
I haven't found much help on the internet regarding this subject
(contextgarden had only one example page that had layers).

I hope you understand my question, it's a bit complicated to explain. :/

Thanks in advance,
Kári Hreinsson

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