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olivier Turlier o.turlier at free.fr
Fri Oct 21 21:33:34 CEST 2005

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> 2005/10/17, olivier Turlier <o.turlier at free.fr>:
>>Hi everybody,
>>I wish to set up kind of a "learning path" (= "pedagogic" progression
>>bar, like in http://www.dokeos.com/scorm_compliant_course_content.php)
> The page doesn't exist. Perhaps send also the names of Hans's
> documents to the list that you would like to mimic. Would you provide
> the percentage or would you like to be automatically generated. I
> guess it should be done with metafun (see s-pre-xx.tex files, although
> you are not requested to understand them (yet)), but you first need to
> tell how it should look like (the link above cannot help).
> Mojca
Sorry for not being clear enough.

"learning path" is an acronym I've found while using Dokeos elearning 
platform, as an equivalent to a course i guess. For creating a 
course/learning path  you assemble differents documents in a l.p.. When 
the alumni/trainee reads this course, he will be able what he have to 
read next after the fisrt doc, and so on. I've made a graphic capture of 
the webpage for showing what elements are making a learning path in the 
Dokeos vision : list of doc allready readen, docs to read, progression 
bar, plus the breadcrumb trail;

i don't want to put so much stuff in the pdfs made wit Context(apart 
putting an A4 text on an A3 page!) because i keep a printable A4 format 
for my courses, even i there interaction in it, for screen usage.

So i wish to have only vertical progression bars + percentage in the 
inner margin. s-pre-01 "original" style show a bottom interaction bar 
filled with pagenumbers drawn as little rectangles. Maybe it's possible 
to draw a continuous bar with metapost, but for percentage ?

Ideally, i wish to have 2 progression bars : one for project progression 
and second for product prog.

Thanks for listening.

olivier Turlier

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