[NTG-context] \showmathcharacters loop

Radhelorn radhelorn at mail.ru
Mon Oct 10 18:49:40 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Radhelorn wrote:
>> I've done clean install of beta context 2005.09.14 with all default 
>> configuration (like wiki teTeX 3.0 Installation doc suggests). Results 
>> is still the same, but default teTeX 3.0 context (2005.01.31) works fine.
> i need to update the zip (but currently i'm busy with replacing / 
> installing all our main company servers, so ...)
> Hans

So, maybe there is some way to overcome this bug? Maybe temporarily use 
some other engine to generate characters list?

If solution needs more than just some command, then I think I shall wait 
for the update, so not bother.

Radhelorn <radhelorn at mail.ru>

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