[NTG-context] positions in externalfigure

Alexander Lazic al-context at none.at
Sun Oct 9 14:49:31 CEST 2005


i have try to add a picture in my footer.

what i need is:

|                                         |
|\pagenuber / \totalnumberofpages         |

the hole box is the picture in the footer, there is on the left lower
corner place for the pagenumbers.

i have try:

 vardef redsquare = image
   ( interim linecap := butt;
     filldraw unitsquare
      xyscaled (300,300) withpen pencircle scaled 0
      withcolor red ; )

  draw redsquare xysized (ExHeight-1,ExHeight-1) shifted (bbwidth(currentpicture)+.1mm,0) ;


                 {\rm \txx \useMPgraphic{exhoch} #1 / \totalnumberofpages

and many combinations of inframed + backgrounds from many manuals.

I think i'am on the wrong way :-(

Please can anyone help me to come to the right way or solution, thanx.


al ;-)

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