[NTG-context] Bib-module: crossreferences

Roelof Langman Roelof.Langman at Planet.nl
Tue Oct 4 21:22:50 CEST 2005

Hi Taco,

Are crossreferences supposed to work in the new bib module? According to the
Latex companion pp. 404ff. a crossreference can be made in an @inbook to a
@book provided the @inbook precedes the @book in a .bib-file. If a @book is
referenced at least two times by an @inbook, an entry for the @book is
included in the reference list. 

In the new bibtex-module for Context, the crossreferences are resolved
properly, I think, but the crossreferenced entry is not yet included in the
reference list.

I \cite[gould:1979] and \cite[rioch:1979], but lawrence:1979 doesn't appear
in the reference list.

Cheers, Roelof

  author = "Gould, Laurence J.",
  crossref = "lawrence:1979",
  title = "Men and Women at Work: A Group Relations Conference on Person and
  note = "See also \cite[rioch:1979].",
  pages = "111--122"                                           }

  author = "Rioch, Margaret J.",
  crossref = "lawrence:1979",
  title = "The A.K. Rice Group Relations Conferences as a Reflection of
  pages = "53--68"                                           }

  editor = "Lawrence, W. Gordon",
  title = "Exploring Individual and Organizational Boundaries.",
  publisher = "John Wiley \& Sons Ltd",
  year = 1979                                                }

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